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Management Ability

The well-known environmental protection technical management expert team personally attend to conduct duty, completes the sewage treatment emergency plan, promptly solves the unexpected wastewater discharge worry.

Technical Strength

National high-tech enterprises, with dozens of invention patents, import international frontier wastewater treatment technology every year.

Service Ability

20 years'experience in environmental protection is the key to wastewater treatment operation and maintenance. Professional engineers are stationed in the project site to provide 24/ 7 steward type service mode.

Intelligent Platform

No dead angle video monitoring system for 24 hours in wastewater station, intelligent pollution source index monitoring, alarm warning for exceeding standard.

Wuhan Green Ring Source Purification Engineering Co., Ltd.


Established in 2000, Wuhan Green Ring Source Purification Engineering Co., Ltd. mainly provides special environmental protection services including the design, implementation, and operation and management of a wastewater treatment project, and the design and manufacturing of wastewater treatment equipment. Wuhan Green Environmental Protection Facilities Operating Co., Ltd. (Wuhan Green Environmental Protection) is among the first batch of high-tech enterprises specialized in environmental protection facilities third-party operation services in Hubei Province. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wuhan Green Ring Source Purification Engineering Co., Ltd. 

Wuhan Green Environmental Protection adheres to the core values of "operating the environmental protection with integrity and dedication, being grateful, happy and dedicated", ensuring that corporate wastewater treatment facilities "work according to the standards, safely and economically", and providing customers with professional and comprehensive wastewater treatment solutions. Committed to helping more companies achieve sustainable development, we are dedicated to set industry benchmarks for third party operation and maintenance of industrial wastewater treatment with Green Environmental Protection as a template. 


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